Our services

Holden Parcel offers its services both to private individuals and to businesses.
Our services include, but are not limited to US mailing address, mail forwarding, mail consolidation, procurement service, US phone and fax numbers, virtual office in the US.

1. USA physical mailing address

Holden Parcel provides you with a US mailing address to help you receive letters and parcels. This service is suitable both for individuals and businesses. The address is a physical address, not a post office box. After delivery, your goods are stored in our warehouses and facilities, where they will be prepared for shipment. Your mails are scanned and uploaded online for you to read them. All information about your parcel is loaded into our system so that you can track your delivery. Then you can redirect the received goods to anywhere in the world.

You can use your physical mailing address for many purposes, such as:

  • Buying goods from US-based retailers, wholesalers and online stores. These include stores that do not ship to your country.
  • Reducing international shipping tariffs. There are two reasons for this:
    1) Our rates are usually lower than those of our competitors
    2) You can combine several purchases from different online stores and ship them as a single package. This can reduce shipping costs by up to 60 percent.
  • Receiving credit/debit cards and bank statements.
  • Receiving business documents and correspondence.
  • Receiving advertising magazines that are not available in your country.

Our services are ideal for American emigrants or US residents currently outside the country. They are also ideal if you are not related to the US but want to buy goods or do business in US.

We provide flexible, efficient and professional services. In addition, you can use our online management system to track your goods at any delivery stage. With this system, you can also plan mail forwarding and freight forwarding at the lowest possible rates. Remember that you can store your purchased goods in our warehouse for up to 45 days. We give you time to gather several items before you can combine them and ship as a single package, thereby saving you shipping costs.

You can also view your mail online and redirect it to your location. This has become possible thanks to our secure scanning service, where the received mail is scanned in PDF format and uploaded into your management portal. After viewing your mail, you can forward or delete it.


1. USA physical mailing address

And finally, we deliver goods to anywhere in the world. It can be your country or any other place that you need. Our service is ideal when sending gifts to friends or relatives in other countries or directly to your customers.

2. Low-cost Shipping Options

Holden Parcel cooperates with all major international shipping companies, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and USPS. Besides, we give you the right to choose a shipping company. This ensures minimum possible rates. The shipping company’s tariffs may vary depending on the destination country. We can always help you choose the most favorable rates.

When your goods are received in our warehouse, you will be notified through our management system. With this system, you can manage everything that relates to your orders. You can save several shipping addresses for future use, combine orders into a single package or pick up goods from our warehouse if you are currently in the US.

Using our services, you can send your parcels anywhere in the world. You can save an unlimited number of shipping addresses in your personal address book in your account in Holden Parcel. For each shipping order, simply choose the appropriate address.

You won’t find any other company that offers such an extensive and adaptive list of services as we do. Our cooperation with all the major international shipping companies – United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, UPS, and DHL – enables us to provide you with the best deal in terms of shipping price, speed and delivery direction.

Upon receipt of your parcel at your US address, you’ll be notified via an online mail app so that you’ll be able to decide which of the parcels should be forwarded, to which shipping address and when.

2. Low-cost Shipping Options

If you decide to send the order, we can provide options to ensure the fastest and most cost-effective delivery.

3. Mail Forwarding

At Holden Parcel, you can rent a secure US mailbox, where you can receive letters, packages or parcels. It provides benefits to residents of both the US and any other country in the world.

  • Residents of the United States can rent our mailbox if they are students (who have come to the country by exchange), immigrants or persons who often travel. Our mailboxes are also popular with people who live on boats or vans or those who are looking for a better alternative to standard mailboxes.
  • Residents of other countries use our mailboxes to receive mail or parcels delivered to a US physical address. US mailboxes are also popular with people who want to create a virtual office in the US, as well as individuals or businesses that use and/or manage a bank account or credit/debit card in the US.
3. Mail Forwarding

With a USA mailbox, you can:

  • Receive parcels, packages or letters.
  • Store parcels in our safe warehouse for up to 45 days.
  • Read your mail in our online management system.
  • Send goods or mails to anywhere in the world.
  • Merge several packages and send them as a single package, thereby reducing international shipping costs by as much as 60%.
  • Manage your account remotely.
  • Enjoy an excellent level of customer service.
4. Rent a Mailbox

Holden Parcel sends mail or parcels to countries around the world. You can rent a US mailbox where you can receive correspondence or parcels, including letters, credit/debit card billing statements, bank statements, advertising magazines, packages, etc.

Your mail and parcels will be delivered to our warehouse. Your mails will be opened, scanned and uploaded into your online account in PDF format, where you can access it after being notified. After that, you can redirect the documents to any address in the world, or instruct us to destroy them.

We will notify you once we receive your goods. You can immediately forward the goods to your address or store them in our warehouse until other goods arrive, which can be later merged and shipped out as a single package. We recommend the following shipping companies: UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL.

4. Rent a Mailbox

Thanks to our mail forwarding service and related operations, you can make virtual commercial transactions in the US territory, manage a bank account in the US, get a US credit/debit card and/or buy goods that are not sold in your country.

5. Freight Shipping

Our forwarding services are applicable to consignments of goods of any size or weight. Besides, we can deliver goods anywhere in the world. Contact us and we will freely give you the exact rates both for air and sea shipping.

You will discover that both options are quite competitive. In fact, our air rates are often comparable to those of sea freight. Air freight also offers a number of other advantages –faster delivery and guaranteed delivery time, which can range from three to five days or five to seven days, depending on the options you have chosen. Moreover, for air shipping, you can track your goods at every stage of the delivery process.

If your freight weighs more than 60 kg, please contact us to calculate the exact shipping cost. We offer exclusive discounts for large consignments, including those weighing over 60 kg. This enables you to trim international shipping costs.


5. Freight Shipping

To get the exact cost of your order for FREE, please provide us with the following information:

  • Type of item to be shipped
  • Full destination address
  • Cargo weight and dimensions
  • Required level of insurance.

Find out the cost now!

6. Mail Consolidation

We can help you reduce your international shipping cost by 60% by combining several orders and shipping them as a single package. We will unpack, sort and re-package your goods before your chosen shipping company sends them.

We have a simple, three-stage process:

  1. You make purchases from several US-based retailers, wholesalers and online stores.
  2. Each of your purchase is sent to the address provided to you by Holden Parcel.
  3. We merge your different orders and ship them to you as a single package.

This is an effective way to reduce the shipping cost, given the pricing system of shipping companies. It is almost always cheaper to deliver one large order than multiple small ones.


6. Mail Consolidation

Our service is more profitable for you even if sellers offer to ship the goods to your country. When buying several products in the US, be sure to calculate how much we can save you from shipping.

7. Mail Repackaging

Some online stores use excessive amount of packaging material, thereby increasing the shipping cost unnecessarily. We offer mail services that will help you save money. In addition, our service provides the client more flexibility when shipping his goods.

Once your goods arrive at our warehouse, we unpack them and remove the excess packaging material. Our goal is to reduce the size and weight of the goods without reducing its protective properties or compromising on safety levels. That is why, for some items, we keep the original packaging material intact.

The flexibility offered by our service on mailed items involves merging several orders and sending them as a single package. We can also unpack the goods you sent us, and then forward them to the addresses you indicated. For each delivery, you can select the shipping company you want, the shipping date and delivery method.

7. Mail Repackaging

Finally, when ordering for many items, you can store your goods at our warehouse for a period of up to 45 days. This gives you the opportunity to wait for other goods to arrive before you can send them as a single package.

8. Procurement Service

Sometimes US-based online stores and retailers on eBay accept payments only from the US. This means that if you leave outside the United States, you will not be able to participate in auctions or use your credit/debit card to pay. In this case, our personal assistant can help make the purchases for you – we buy the product on your behalf.

  • Fill out the form, indicating the name and quantity of the goods to be purchased, as well as the seller’s website.
  • We buy the goods in accordance with the details provided by you, using a US credit/debit card or a PayPal account.
  • The goods are delivered to the address provided to you by Holden Parcel. From this location, the order can be sent to anywhere in the world.
8. Procurement Service

With the help of a personal shopping assistant, you can buy goods from any seller. Moreover, we charge only 10% of the total cost of the order.

9. Phone and fax numbers in the US

Holden Parcel offers you an alternative to setting up an expensive phone line when you need a fax number in the US. We can give you a fax number, which you can use to receive contracts, legal documents or any other document that is usually sent by fax. Besides, you can manage everything remotely.

In addition, we provide you with a US fax number for FREE when you order for a shipping address from us. You only pay when you receive a fax, and even then the fee is small.

With your US fax number, you can:

  • Pay only when you receive a fax
  • View your faxes online
  • Store your faxes
  • Print out your faxes
  • Forward your faxes to another fax number
  • Delete faxes that you no longer need

All faxes you receive are managed in your online manager account. It is secure, easy to use, and lets you decide what to do with every fax you receive – you can read, store, forward, or delete it. Every fax is kept strictly confidential.

9. Phone and fax numbers in the US

If you need a US fax number, for example, to expand your business operations, the most affordable choice is a fax number from Holden Parcel.

10. Virtual office in the USA

You can create a virtual office in the US to help expand your business or make it more efficient. You get a mailing address that you can use on your company’s documents and website. You can also use it to receive letters, correspondence, documents, or parcels. Our mail service includes a mail viewer. When mail arrives at your US address, we scan it and upload into our system so that you can access it remotely through your secure online manager.

You can use our logistics services to improve your business by shipping items directly to your customers. You can also purchase inventory or supplies from US-based retailers and wholesalers, and we will ship them to your location. This means you can buy goods from any online seller in the US, even those that don’t normally ship to your country. Besides, our shipping prices are typically lower than what other retailers offer. When you combine multiple items into one delivery package, including items from multiple retailers, you will save even more on costs.

10. Virtual office in the USA

We also provide a free fax number and other business services, such as call forwarding and voicemail services.