Take advantage of all the services we offer

Make purchases from US-based retailers, wholesalers and online stores and enjoy all the benefits that Holden Parcel provides.
  • You can shop at ANY online store in USA. Having a US delivery address, you can buy goods from online stores that otherwise would not be possible due to restrictions or very high costs..

  • Since you can buy from any US-based retailers and wholesalers, you can purchase your favorite brands, even if they are not sold in your country..

  • You can also take advantage of excellent offers, discounts, and clearance sales. Many online stores in the US reserve their best offers for their US customers. But with Holden Parcel, you can shop like a local resident..

  • We offer low shipping costs. By merging your orders into one parcel, you can save even more. While expecting additional orders, you can store the ones you have already purchased in our warehouse for up to 45 days..

  • Regardless of the number of items shipped, our shipping costs are quite low. In fact, you can save up to 60% of normal shipping costs –thanks to our cooperation with leading US shipping companies..

  • In addition, you can select a shipping company by yourself. We collaborate with DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS – you can choose any shipping company by yourself..

  • You can manage all your orders and deliveries directly via our secure online management portal..

  • We can also send your goods to several recipients. This is very convenient when sending gifts, especially if the recipient is located in another country. It also means that you can share the benefits you get from Holden Parcel with family and friends..

  • If you can’t use your credit/debit card to make purchases or you just want to save time, we can make the purchases for you..

  • We don’t just send parcels. You can also use your US mailing address as a mailing address for your letters and correspondence. We scan received mails in our management system, where you can read them online or forward to another address anywhere in the world. .